With ‘Innovation led large scale social change’ as the central idea, Sampark Foundation, founded in 2005 by Vineet Nayar, Former CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd. and his wife Anupama Nayar, is impacting lives of 7 million children studying in 76,000 schools in Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh; making it one of the world’s largest primary school transformation initiatives by a Foundation.

The Problem: It is estimated that out of 144 Million children studying in 714,000 public funded schools in India, over half cannot read simple English or recognize numbers beyond 99.

To create a world where every child receives optimal primary school education through frugal innovation in the critical domain of teaching practices, tools and methodologies, thus fostering their holistic development, and therefore, enabling them adequately to contribute towards the progress of humankind.

Vineet Nayar -Chairman and Trustee

Anupama Nayar – Co Founder and Trustee

Rajesh Hashija