A case study on Bakaulipara Primary School

It was a fine day with shining sunshine, when I arrived at the Primary school of Bakaulipara with CAC and BRP of Pendra block in Bilaspur district. This school is in Sonbacharwar area of Amadad cluster. The school is situated about 10-12 km inside Pendra. The school gave a feeling of old Gurukuls because of its construction. The students were playing around in the ground as it was time for a short recess. Then I started talking to the teachers. The head master of the school was Shankar Singh Paikra and the other teacher was Yogendra Paikra. Training for “Sampark Smart Class Programme” was taken by the head master but both the teachers used to teach classes 1 and 2. I could not see the progress chart or kit at first glance, but later on teachers told me that the school had some renovation is going on. They had the kit in staff room and progress chart was also updated in the classroom. The classroom was very dark, and I was imagining how teachers used to teach. But once I started talking to children, they broke all my preconceived notions about the school. They knew the actual names of all the material present in the Maths kit. They started teaching me how to use them, which was both funny and encouraging for me. They started chit chatting with me, and asked various questions like “Aap kahan se aayi hain? Aap dusre school me padhati hai ya aap hamari nayi madam hain?” While talking to them I came to know that most of them wanted to become either Teachers or join the Police forces. It was funny when they also started asking me “Aap bade ho kar kya banogi hamko bhi batao.” It was shocking for me that many of them knew multiplication-tables up to 16-17, but one of the girls ‘Sapna’ from class 2 knew multiplication-tables up to 25. She was very camera-shy but she answered all the questions correctly asked by me regarding Maths. When I started talking to teachers, they told me that most of the children in this school belong to a tribal community who were famous as man eaters 6-7 years ago. 90% of the students didn’t have any stationary item with them, but their minds were very sharp. The kit was very useful for them and they simply love it. None of the articles were missing from the kit, maybe because the kit was totally taken care of by the kids. They took out things from kit and packed them back quickly in front of me too. It seemed it was their usual routine to use the kit. Mr. Yogendra Paikra told me that the girl Sapna doesn’t have any books or copies but she learns everything so fast and it gets retained also in her memory. If she gets good opportunities she will progress very fast in future. While I was returning back, all the teachers and children came to the main gate and started waving ‘BYE BYE’ which I could see from a long distance from the school. The school children and their activeness was a good and soothing surprise for me and the credit goes to the teachers who are providing quality learning to them. They are the people, who utilises whatever limited resources they have to the fullest.

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