Importance of using Innovation in Education

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”- Benjamin Franklin.
This is by far one of the most brilliant quotes I have come across in my life. This is one thing that I think is very apt for the education system of today. 
The ultimate goal of education is not to solve the problems of the past but to solve the problems that we might face in the future. The traditional education was top down, heavy and involved mugging up texts from the books and taking down notes from the board and which certainly would not work in today’s time. Today’s education system needs to be fast, quick and student led.
One way to do that is to innovate. Learning better and staying ahead. Innovation is a process that makes lives easy. Most of the schools and educational institutes are now ditching traditional model of education and adopting innovative ways to teach. This innovation led education is surely bringing a revolution in the education sector. It creates a shift that affects many aspects of our lives. Better educated citizens are prerequisite to improving the society.
Ways you can use Innovation in Education:
1) Student-driven lessons- When teachers lead the lessons, it leaves no space for the students to learn. When students are just given all the information, there is no room for them to think as to how that solution is derived. It slows down their thinking process. Teachers should focus on student-driven lessons that are teaching them how to derive the solution instead of just providing them with all the answers.
2) Design thinking principles- Design thinking means learning by doing. Design thinking methods unleash creativity, logic, intuition and imagination. Knowledge is not something that should be forgotten once the semester ends. It should remain forever and should only increase with time. Instead of rewarding children for memorising, they should be rewarded for their creativity, thinking and their level of innovation.
3) Problems and solutions- The primary education in India should focus on helping children find solutions to problems and problems to solutions. Instead of giving the solution to every problem, we should encourage children to find the solution on their own. This would help them explore ways to extrapolate a solution. Also, we should let them find problems to the solutions that have not been discovered yet. This would help them develop a perspective. 
Sampark is one such child centred education NGO that uses frugal innovation to improve the learning outcome of children. It focuses on teaching children with innovative learning tools that revolve around design thinking principle. It is an idea to make a social change. Let us all work towards tweaking and modifying the education system in India.
Are you ready to bring this change?


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