How I found my true calling...

16 October, 2019
Spark Shivam Singh

Born and raised in the district of Mirzapur, it seemed I would lead a mediocre life. Or so I thought. After completing my primary education from the local school, my father enrolled me in a school quite far from home. To support my enthusiasm for studies, my father worked in the fields all day...

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Why books are our best friends

15 October, 2019
Anviti Singh

The opening line of one of the poems of Safdar Hashmi is, ‘Books want to say something’, (kitabe kuchh kahna chahti hain). And he is right. Books do want to say something but only to those who strike a chord of friendship with them. As the popular saying goes, ‘books are the...

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Those eight years

30 September, 2019
Spark Anviti Singh

Of all the formal stages of school education, elementary stage –grades one to eight—is the most important stage. Therefore, central as well as state governments are making every effort to provide basic facilities pertaining to it. From establishing new schools, upgrading the older...

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Teachers can make coming to school fun for children

20 September, 2019
Sudershan Dhirta

Though I was interested in studies, as a child I never liked going to school. My parents wanted me to pursue education and supported it in every possible way, but somehow going to school every day was nothing more than a tedious ritual to me.

Now that I work in the education sector and...

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Why do we need skill-based education?

17 September, 2019
Anviti Singh

In this era of Make in India, when Skill India campaign is being promoted vigorously and the government is trying to develop entrepreneurship skills among its youth, are our schools competent enough to lay the foundation of such abilities, skills and capacities among our kids, which will...

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How I fought for my education

11 September, 2019
Sukhwinder Kaur

I was born in Swarghat, a small town near Solan, Himachal Pradesh. My parents loved me, I loved them too. I enjoyed going to the neighbourhood ‘school’ for my primary education and playing on its campus.  The only thing that bothered me was the homework I used to get. I was...

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Where kids learn with a billion-dollar smile

05 August, 2019
Srinivas Bhavaraju

The lanes leading to this primary school in Charamah, a small village, some 15 kilometers away from Kanker, were narrow. It was my second day of field visit in Chhattisgarh, and I had already been to four schools, which, like most government schools in the state, had a dilapidated building, damp...

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A 'spark' in training

05 August, 2019
Satvinder Singh

As I walked through the streets of village Dankaur, on the outskirts of Greater Noida town, to reach the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), where I had to conduct two- day teachers’ training, I was thinking about the feedback I got from the teachers at my previous...

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Giving wings to students' dreams

05 August, 2019
Vinod Yadav

It was the summer of 1987, I was only 23 when I joined a primary school at Keskutul, Bhairamgarh, a severely Naxal-affected region of Madhya Pradesh, as a junior teacher. I was young and motivated, and I firmly believed that education could change the fate of this backward village by empowering...

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