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Sampark Foundation believes in the idea of shared vision, giving ample space and opportunities to its employees to discuss freely, think critically, and innovate. And if that is also your idea of personal and professional growth, and if you are passionate about finding a solution to the long-standing problem of poor learning outcomes among children, please apply.

Product Manager - Pedagogy & Content (Math, English & Science)

About the position:

Product Manager - Pedagogy & Content, will be responsible for designing innovative and engaging programs to drive an increase in learning outcomes amongst 1 crore children in 84k rural schools across 6 states of India that have adopted the Sampark Smart Shala Program. 

Our new program starting in 2021 will focus on classes 6 to 8 in Math, English, Science and Arts, and the medium of instruction would be Hindi.

Essential duties and responsibilities would include:

  • Developing high quality engaging video-based scripts in Hindi

  • Creating  storyboards visualizing how the scripts will come alive as videos that accelerates a child’s learning

  • Getting  voice over artist to record voice with the right pitch and tone for the videos

  • Guide the creative teams to convert the storyboards into interesting animated videos for children

  • Design multimedia workbooks for children

  • Develop training modules for teachers

  • Conduct master training of trainers on these modules

  • Visit select schools and monitor the effectiveness of this program and the impact it is creating.

  • Modify the program based on classroom observation

  • Write blogs and white papers on your approach to educating rural children.


Competencies Required:

The position works under the direct guidance of our Co-Founder, Anupama Nayar, and the essential skills required are as follows.
  • Deep knowledge of class 6 to 8 either  Math, English, Science or Arts

  • Creative script writing ability in Hindi

  • Solid background in teaching children of this age group.

  • Ability to be a fast learner

  • Willingness to explore, experiment and try out new ideas

  • Willingness to travel to understand the reality of rural schools

  • Hard work as it is about impacting lives of 2 cr children who can’t wait.

  • Team-work and collaboration


Qualifications, Experience and competencies required:

  • Bachelor's in education (B.Ed.)

  • Experience of school teaching and script-writing would be an added advantage 

Application Process:  

Share your BIO - with a cover letter indicating your competence against the 8 skills defined above. 


Based in Noida, NCR

2D Flash Animator - Digital Concept Artist

This position offers an individual an opportunity to excel in its field while working with the most innovative education transformation programs in India. As of today, we have touched the lives of 7 million children across 84,000 schools in Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh

About the Position

Sampark Foundation is looking 2D Animation and Sketching Artist who has knowledge of:

  • 2D Animation in Flash

  • Character Sketching (on paper & on Pen Tablet)

  • Proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Wacom, Sketching

  • Character Animation

  • Should know how to create animation with the help of storyboards

Competencies Requirement:

  • Excellent 2D digital illustration skills with a strong grasp of composition, color theory, perspective, lighting, environment, and architecture.

  • Outstanding tradition/digital drawing and sketching ability.

  • Must be able to ideate quickly, communicating rough ideas clearly with a refined shorthand sketching style in both black and white or full color

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with team members of different disciplines.

  • Good positive attitude and outlook, self-motivated, and a great team-player.

Education Qualification:  

  • A diploma or a bachelor’s degree in Design, Fine arts or digital arts

  • Candidates must have excellent freehand drawing skills and expertise in creating illustrations in Realistic, Semi-Realistic, Stylized and Cartoon styles

Experience: 1-4 years

Number of Position: 2


Based in Noida, NCR

State Program Head Sampark Foundation (Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Maharashtra)

This position offers an experienced leader the opportunity to excel in its field while working with of the most innovative education transformation programs in India. As of today, we have touched the lives of 1 Crore children across 84,000 schools & 2 Lakh teachers in Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh

About the Position:

The Sate Program Head would be responsible for Training, Program Implementation, Monitoring and Coordination with government bodies and capacity building of a team of 20-40 Sparks spread across the state. The responsibilities include:

  1. Representation and advocacy: Represent Sampark Foundation in the state, advocate for policies supportive stated goals and objectives, building alliances in government, NGOs and community groups. Represent Sampark Foundation in meetings with senior government officials as well as other organisations and maintain an effective working relationship with them. 
  2. Program planning and development: Be aware of development policies of Central and State Government and the socio-economic scenario of the area; support State Government to develop Situation Analysis/report.  Support the State Government to develop State Plans of Action for education; support the implementation of the program using appropriate strategies and interventions relevant to the State.
  3. Program implementation: Lead and guide a team of professionals ensuring effective and appropriate use of all human and material resources, overseeing the implementation of supported programs, developing annual plans of action, working closely with government and other partners.
  4. Program monitoring & evaluation: Co-ordinate program evaluation efforts ensuring timely review and course correction of current program strategies. Direct, supervise and co-ordinate the preparation of all program reports required. Develop and make effective use of program monitoring systems ensuring that information generated leads to decisions to improve project performance and feedback to field staff.
  5. Management:  Direct, supervise and coordinate the training and capacity building initiatives required for the program as well as that of the team. 


Qualifications, Experience and competencies required:

  • Good knowledge and Hindi and English. 
  • Good communication skills and great Leadership skills are critical.
  • Relevant Experience of 7-12 years. 
  • Prior experience in the Education sector or having worked in any aspect of the social sector to bring about change is an added advantage.
  • People with no social sector experience but who have worked extensively in the state would also be considered.
  • Capacity to spend 10-12 working days a month on tour to allocated districts.
  • Knowledge and experience of using and implementing technology in work is a must. 

No of Positions: 3

Place of Posting: Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan

Head office: Based in Noida, NCR.

To Apply:

  1. E-mail your C.V. to with the subject line 'Application for State Program Head'
  2. Share 100 words on 'Why you want to join Sampark Foundation and what you would gain from it' 
  3. Share '5 reasons you are suited for this role' in 200 words.


About Sampark Foundation: Impact & Scale 

The unsolved Problem

In India, Government-led Primary School Education System is suffering from a myriad of issues and the learning outcomes for our 144 million children who attend these 740K schools are alarmingly low. Third-party research and our own baseline assessments show that most children even in grade 5 can’t add/subtract or construct a simple sentence in their local language.

Despite doubling of investment in education by the government over the last decade, the learning outcomes continue to show an alarming negative trend thus an urgent need for a new innovative approach to transforming outcomes at scale.

$1 Innovation

Sampark Foundation was founded by Anupama Nayar and Vineet Nayar (Former Vice Chairman and CEO of HCL Technologies and Author of Employees First Customer Second) with a belief that “frugal innovation” along with relentless execution in partnership with the government can drive large scale change in learning outcomes. This thought led our founders to give up whatever they were doing in 2013 and dedicate their lives to lead this change. 

Design thinking with a focus on innovation in classroom transaction gave birth to Sampark Smart ShalaTM which is a learning outcome focused initiative that uses a sound box with a voice mascot called “Sampark Didi” along with music and songs to teach English using  LSRW and whole language approach, Innovatively designed TLMs to teach Math from concrete to abstract, BOT enabled mobile App for teachers that works without internet and multimedia fun workbooks with QR codes for children at less than $1 per child per annum.

The 1 Crore impact

Our journey of learning by working with 84,000 rural schools, 1 crore children in 6 states (Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal and Uttarakhand) is just that – a learning journey – because problems at scale can only be solved with patience, perseverance and lots of passion. Today we train 500,000 teachers each year at the block level and they are our true partners of change and responsible for the encouraging results we have seen through third-party assessment.


Program Coordinator

If you are young in spirit with the attitude to see possibilities, have experience or qualification in the development sector and are a team person and work well with people of different temperaments and understanding, this is the right position for you. 

About the position

To work with the Programs team and support them in planning, implementation, and monitoring of related interventions. Tasks include: 


1. Program Implementation

  • Regular school visits to provide on-site support and assess progress
  • Conduct demonstration classes as required
  • Undertake classroom observation and provide inputs to the teachers and officials
  • Establish a telephonic review system with teachers and create a learning community.

2. Program Planning

  • Training of teachers in cluster schools identified across all districts of the state
  • Planning for the training of teachers and content development
  • Development of teacher reference materials and lesson plans

3. Reporting and documentation

  • Regular documentation of the program and writing of reports
  • Review document preparation and sharing with the officials

4. Relationship management with governments/partners

  • Provide regular updates to the authorities about the program
  • Presentation and participation at various forums
  • Share findings and reports with them
  • Provide support in annual plans and implementation of actions
  • Motivate, manage and lead local teams effectively

5. Content and Media

  • Documentation of the program in the form of stories. 

Qualifications, Experience and competencies required:

  • Good knowledge of English and Hindi language. An additional language will be an asset.
  • Experience of 1-3 year in the development sector.
  • A Master’s degree in Social Work / similar degree.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Must own a bike & laptop.

Application Process:  Share your BIO - with answers to the below questions

  • “Why you want to join Sampark Foundation and what you would gain from it” in 100 words. 
  • “5 reasons you are suited for this role.” in 100 words.


Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & Chhattisgarh

Sampark Young Leaders Program 2021

Sampark Young Leaders (SYL) Program 2021-23: Sampark Foundation invites young, energetic, passionate professionals for a two-year, full-time, paid leadership program-SYLP.

About the Position:

The SYL Program: Sampark Foundation believes in India’s youth and believes in giving responsibility early and not late. We offer a unique 2-year leadership mentoring and training opportunity where you would be trained on 7 key skills that will be critical for your long-term success. These are:

  1. Effective communication skills
  2. Negotiation skills and assertiveness
  3. Public speaking skills
  4. Training
  5. Pedagogical Design and Execution
  6. Technology skills. 

The SYL will then be assigned roles based on interest and skills to practice these in their respective departments. 

1. District Spark: SYLs will be responsible for a District with 1000 schools impacting the lives of 70,000 children for 2 years. This is a full-time paid commitment in which we invest in the most promising young leaders to become India’s best social entrepreneurs and change Leaders.

2. Pedagogy & Content: SYLs Pedagogy & Content would develop video-based content for teachers, multimedia workbooks for children, gamification of content aimed at improving learning outcomes.  You would lead from idea/Innovation to execution.

3. Founders’ Office: This will be an opportunity to work directly with the founder(s). SYL will design, develop and execute innovations.

4. Communications and Research:  SYLs will work in the communications department and will be expected to come up with impactful multimedia content for the website, social and digital media. 

5. Finance and HR: SYL will work in the organisation’s finance and HR Departments.

SYL will be given rigorous training. Regardless of the vertical, they work for, they will be trained as Master Trainers and will train teachers in new-improved methods of teaching and learning for up to 100 days in a year and will have the opportunity to travel across the country and live and experience the education system in some of the remotest parts of our country. 

This is not a job but an opportunity you have to invest in your future. If you have the passion to learn, a desire to work hard, a heart for changing fortune of 7 million children, a stomach to travel into the interiors of India and finally an ambition to become a great Leader—apply for this. We give you the opportunity and a platform to impact lives including yours and you get compensated too.

Sampark Foundation is a leadership case study at Harvard Business School and is known for its innovative thinking. This thinking is what we hope to train the SYLs in so that they evolve as Social leaders.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for potential leaders who have passion and commitment towards the vision of educational equality. 


  1. Bachelor's/ Master’s degree in Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Development Communication, Journalism, or Social Work.
  2. B. Ed would be an added advantage for district Spark roles however not a must.
  3. Good Communication Skills in Hindi as that is the primary language for teachers in the current states 
  4. Interest in developing video-based content to teach Maths, English, Science for grades 1-8 is a must for SYL in Pedagogy.

Additionally, we want our SYLs to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. They should be courageous and determined to bring about the change at scale. They should set high expectations for themselves and for others. They should demonstrate interpersonal skills through their interactions with various stakeholders.

We look for diversity in our cohort, and we would like them to come from across the country, with varied levels of professional experience -- college students, young professional, and entrepreneurs. 

Why should you apply for Sampark Young Leader Program 2021?

  • Education is the key to social and economic growth, it lays the foundation for a developed country. It equips children with the knowledge, skills, values, and mindsets needed to be empowered individuals and responsible citizens. Sampark Foundation’s belief is that we can bring about a revolution in education by encouraging, empowering, and enthusing teachers. 
  • Sampark is working to improve the learning outcomes for millions of children studying in government primary schools. In India, around 6 in 10 students in grade 5 can't read grade-2 text, 8 out of 10 cannot do simple math. 6 million children in the age group 6-14 are estimated to be out of school and 36% of the children drop out even before completing primary education. 
  • If not tackled in time, India's learning crisis can turn our demographic dividend into our biggest challenge. But we can turn things around by providing equal opportunities to children by improving the quality of education in schools. 
  • Though there are numerous challenges facing the education system in India, the root of this crisis in education lies in a crisis of leadership. There is a severe dearth of motivated teachers in the country. SYL will equip teachers with knowledge, tools and technology and motivate these teachers to lead the change in their classrooms. 

About the Program:

The program has the following phases:

PHASE 1: Program induction – 6 weeks (common for all verticals)

i. Classroom Training for 2 weeks

ii. On-field training for 4 weeks. 

PHASE 2: On Job training & leadership mentoring—98 weeks (in their own verticals)

iii. On-the-job training for 45 weeks 

iv. Refresher Training for 2 weeks

v. Advance on-the-job training for 45 weeks.

Remuneration: SYLs will be paid a salary of Rs. 19,000 per month post Induction and state appropriate city allowance. In addition, SYL will receive a conveyance reimbursement and would be covered under Provident Fund, medical and term insurance. During induction, they will receive Rs 5,000 pm as an allowance for expenses plus conveyance reimbursement.

Selection Process:

It is a 4-stage process to select the highest potential leader.

• Stage 1: Interested candidate can send their resumes at with the subject line ‘Sampark Young Leader Program’.

• Stage 2: They will be shared an assignment. 

• Stage 3: Post assignment review, a telephonic interview will be done. 

• Stage 4: Final round will involve a face-to-face interaction.

In 2021, Sampark Young Leaders will be placed in six states: Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. Some of them will be placed at Sampark’s head office in Noida. 

Best SYL Leadership Reward: If your performance is rated outstanding, you will be offered permanent employment as per the verticals trained in.

Apply by: April 15th 2021