Refund & Cancellation Policy


Classgate and is only a facilitator for the user and the educational institution for automation of the process of admission,Classgate and are neither agents nor representatives of the educational institutions listed on the portal.

Transactions made on the online interface provided by Classgate are fully non-refundable. Application forms once submitted cannot be cancelled and shall be processed for submission to the specific educational institution.

Users may approach, in their own free will, the educational institution to the benefit of which payment has been received by Class Gate for any requests/grievances. Classgate and hold no responsibility to vet or authenticate, inter-alia, the correctness of the information entered by users or educational institutions on the interface provided by Classgate and for any purposes, whatsoever.

The user undertakes that Class Gate and shall not be held liable if an application is filled by the user with incorrect/incomplete information and the same is processed by Classgate.