The Uttarakhand government and Sampark Foundation have decided to deepen their collaboration to ensure the effective i..." />
13 March, 2020

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat launches Sampark Foundation’s learning platform Baithak and advance English Kit

Sampark Foundation | By Sampark Foundation

The Uttarakhand government and Sampark Foundation have decided to deepen their collaboration to ensure the effective implementation of the Sampark Smart Shala (SSS) English and Math program in over 16,000 government schools across the state. The program will improve the learning outcomes for more than 6 lakh children studying in state-run primary schools.

The Sampark Foundation also launched Baithak, India’s largest digital learning and development platform for teachers. Baithak will be a part of the new Sampark Smart Shala app and bring together over 2,00,000 teachers from across the country. It will enable them to share classroom innovations, teaching tools and techniques, and methodologies they use to improve learning outcomes among children. In Uttarakhand, over 28,000 teachers will be using the app to update their knowledge. 

With the help of frugal innovations in teaching methodology, the SSS program is aimed at improving the learning outcome for children. 

Speaking at the launch, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat, Honourable Chief Minister, Uttarakhand says, “I thank Mr. Vineet Nayar for his continued support to the state. We remain committed to improving the quality of education in the state, and we extend all support needed to make it happen.”


Shri Arvind Pandey, Honourable Education Minister, Uttarakhand says, “We are thankful that our state has the opportunity to implement innovations. It is now our responsibility to make sure that we work towards making these innovations effective and successful.”

Mr. Vineet Nayar, Founder Chairman, Sampark Foundation says, “We are glad to launch our learning platform ‘Baithak’ in Uttarakhand, my home state. What we have started here will bring together more than 2,00,000 teachers from across the country. We started the journey of bringing smiles to millions of children, with a single thought—how do we make learning fun? With the help of frugal technology and innovations, we are enhancing the learning outcomes for children and making learning a fun-filled process for both teachers and children” 

Sampark Smart Shala is a cutting-edge, frugal solution, based on user-centric design thinking, to improve learning outcomes. The SSS program uses five innovations—Audio Box with a rechargeable audio device – a voice mascot called ‘Sampark Didi’ – which delivers 112 carefully researched lessons with songs, music and games; Teaching-Learning Material (TLM), specially designed to work in rural classrooms these colourful TLMs help explain concepts in linear steps: from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract; Multimedia workbooks, which provide real-time access to online and offline video lessons to users by allowing them to scan the QR codes embedded at the end of each topic; Board Games, enable learning even when a teacher is not around; And the Sampark Smart Shala App, a free BOT-enabled interactive mobile app, which works both online and offline. It is loaded with animated videos, games, puzzles and worksheets, and gives the users a personalised experience. 

Over 2 Lac teachers, today teach while singing and dancing with Sampark Didi, using the SSS app, audio box and SSS kits. Sampark Foundation has so far delivered 1.5 Lac kits in 76,000 schools in 6 states in India. With a commitment of Rs 650 Crore to drive transformation in 2,00,000 schools across the country, Sampark Foundation aims to bring smiles to 20 million children by 2025.

As per the MoU signed in 2015 and renewed in 2018 between Samagra Shiksha, Government of Uttarakhand and Sampark Foundation, by 2023, Sampark Foundation is going to:

1) Train over 28,000 teachers on Sampark Smart Shala Program; 2) Distribute over 28,000 Sampark Smart Shala English kits; 3) Monitor progress of over 6 lakh children on a monthly basis through “Sampark Smart Shala App”; 4) Create an Education Quality resource group for Mathematics and English at the Block, District and State level to focus on improving learning outcomes in primary government schools through Sampark Foundation Master Trainers located in each district alongside the state government leadership team.