“Maine aapko pehchaan liya, aap sampark didi ho na ?”

When I started my visits to schools, I had little clarity on what I will get there or what I will achieve out of it or how much will I be able to contribute (if at all). But when little kids greeted me with big confident smiling good morning at the first school I stepped in, I knew there was some connection. I knew what I needed to do in my little time with them. 
There were so many heart-warming moments that not just gave me an overwhelming experience but so much to comprehend on. Being a mom of two young kids myself, the comparison I was drawing in my mind was inevitable. Post having my own kids, I had not really seen the other side. These bright kids are so confident, full of joy and open to learn as much as you can teach. They were disciplined, and had so much appetite to live life to its fullest. When a little 6-year-old at government primary school in Bhimtal offered to drop me to my car under her umbrella (in heavy rain), I asked her why you're wearing 'chappals' in such cold weather. Very happily she responds, that it’s to save her only shoes from rain. I did not see a slightest hint of disappointment or discomfort in her approach to life. This is when I know so many privileged kids (including my own) 'demanding' for snow boots, rain boots and all color shoes, still showing disappointment at the drop of a hat.
When kids ran to their afternoon meal prepared and served at school, I felt like eating with them. They showed such great 'want' for it that would make anyone feeling hungry/enjoying a meal in their company. When their teachers asked them to sing rhymes they learnt from Sampark Kit, they were more than eager to show off :). Their confidence in presenting/performing was no less than any privileged counterpart. Upon my singing some rhymes with them, one little girl said, 'maine aapko pehchaan liya, aap sampark didi ho na ?'. That speaks of the strong affiliation kids feel with the brand 'Sampark Didi' and how much do they look forward to learning more and more with her. I felt as if they're exploring the brighter side in every moment they live.
Spark Meenakshi Benjwal
New York , USA

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