Our Impact

Impact of Sampark Smart Shala program is viewed through 3 dimensions. Impact on teachers, learners and on the education system through 10 strategic measures based on almost 10 Lakh data points.

Impact on Teachers

Evaluating teacher growth through training, workload reduction, and classroom technology integration.

We assess teacher impact via four metrics:
  • Near 99% attendance in training programs.
  • 42% SMS survey response rate, with a 4.6/5 program rating, reflecting a 30% reduction in teaching workload.
  • Continuous learning reduces subsequent year's training needs by 50%.
  • 76% of classrooms effectively and regularly use Sampark TV within three months of installation.

Impact on Learners

Measuring learner progress in attendance, learning levels, and consistent assessment improvements.

Learner impact is measured through three key indicators:
  • A 14% rise in attendance, attributed to engaging pedagogy, including songs and stories.
  • A 32% boost in learning levels, verified by independent third-party assessments in the program's first year.
  • Consistent monthly learning improvements, as evidenced by data from weekly gamified assessments - 'Sampark Didi Ke Sawal'.

Impact on Education System

Assessing systemic changes through dashboard reports, rewards, and sustainable training programs.

Impact on the education system is gauged in three areas:
  • Our Monthly Education dashboard report, reflecting classroom teaching, now serves as the primary review tool for schools, blocks, and districts at the state level.
  • The Top Teacher, Top School, and Top Block awards, rooted in dashboard data, are key components of state-level Recognition & Reward programs.
  • In advanced stages of the program, state-employed master trainers conduct training, promoting sustainability and reducing dependence on Sampark Foundation.