Our Tech-novations

Rapid Scalability, High Utility, Low Cost. Explore our six transformative Tech-novations, propelling effective education in rural India at less than $1 per child per year.

1. Teach-Easy Kits

Transforming Fundamentals into Fun - Where Learning Comes Alive!

  • Designed to enhance math and English teaching
  • A blend of physical manipulatives, board games, and an audio box
  • Voice mascot Sampark Didi makes learning with Songs
  • An interactive and enjoyable educational experience

2. Smartshala App

Empowering Educators - A Lesson Plan for Success!

  • The app provides lesson plans, videos, and question banks.
  • All resources align with SCERT Textbooks.
  • Guides effective lesson delivery for teachers.
  • Used by over 3.34 lakh teachers.
  • Simplifies teaching and learning processes.

3. Sampark TV

Transforming Classrooms into Smart Classrooms

  • Converts Standard TVs into interactive smart classrooms.
  • Offers engaging, interactive learning experiences.
  • Revitalises classrooms with new energy.
  • Works without internet.

4. Sampark Dashboard

Advanced analytics dashboard designed to give a 360-degree view of the educational ecosystem

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Improves teaching and student engagement strategies
  • Fosters a culture of healthy competition and motivation

5. Sampark Didi Ke Sawaal

Redefining Assessments - Where Learning Meets Play!

  • Innovative quiz format for fun classroom assessments
  • Makes assessments enjoyable and interactive
  • Reduces exam-related anxiety among students
  • Gamified with correctness score and time limit

6. AI-Driven Speak English Program

Pronunciation Perfected - Speak, Listen, and Learn with Confidence!

  • Features animated SCERT textbooks for pronunciation practice.
  • Improves teachers' English instructing abilities.
  • Enhances students' English speaking and comprehension.