Our Origins

  • In the very beginning the 'Us' was 3 - Vineet Nayar, his special educationist wife Anupama and his mother Janak Nayar - a lifelong teacher and the mission inspiration
  • In 2012 SAMPARK Foundation (SF) was launched with the mission to unlock the potential of India's woefully underserved rural children - with special focus on primary education and extra attention on girls' education
  • The challenge was enormous in terms of scope and complexity; thus, they focused on two critical components: Technology and frugal Innovation - enabling highly cost-effective rapid scalability and geo-coverage with high-quality pedagogy and learning aids.
  • Recognising the resource constraints in rural government schools, they invested in improving teaching skills and classroom resources, resulting in higher academic scores of all students in the program.
  • Today, the 'Us' is a vibrant, highly innovative, technology-enabled, outcome-driven organization, dedicated to education transformation at scale.

Sampark Edge


Nayars' upfront investments enabled multi-year transformative plans, leading to long-term MOUs and innovative tool development.


Anupama Nayar's expertise as a special educator ensures the foundation's educational tech is pedagogically effective and suitable for rural settings.


Vineet Nayar's leadership experience drives Sampark's focus on creative, data-backed innovation, fostering a culture of trust and transparency.


To transform education delivery in the remotest corners of India and ignite the hunger for learning in millions of underserved children, with a special focus on empowering girls in close partnership with state governments


Innovatively use technology to make teaching and learning easy, fostering a future of informed and innovative learners and ensuring that no child is left behind.