The Unsolved Problem

  • Around 6 in 10 students in Grade 5 can't read Grade-2 text, 8 out of 10 cannot do simple math.
  • 6 million children in the age group 6-14 are estimated to be out of school and 36% of the children drop out even before completing primary education.
  • Rural Government Schools Struggle with Limited Resources and Poor Infrastructure.
  • Challenges of Multi-Grade Classrooms and Low Teacher-Student Ratios.
  • Sporadic Attendance and High Non-Teaching Workloads Impact Learning.
  • Declining Learning Levels Despite State Efforts in Education.

Our Model of Change

Sampark Smart Shala “ Teachers First “ initiative is our attempt to design and implement at scale, a solution that would increase learning outcomes by at least 30% through a 6 step model of change.

1. Partner

Partnered with 8 state governments, ensuring widespread Sampark Smart Shala program implementation.

2. Develop

Developed innovative, multi-grade rural pedagogy, including diverse educational tools aligned with state curricula.

3. Distribute

Distributed 2.5 lakh educational kits for English, Math, and Science, enhancing interactive learning.

4. Build

Built 1 lakh Audio-Visual smart classrooms, offering preloaded, internet-free educational content and assessments.

5. Train

Trained 5 lakh teachers villages and blocks, in effective use of technology and simplified teaching and learning methods.

6. Insights

Monitored programs through school audits and collection of 10 Lac plus real-time data points , aiding 76% of schools to teach as per annual academic plan.

Sampark Edge


Our content, aligned with SCERT textbooks, is thoroughly curated for relevance, ensuring engaging and accessible learning through high-quality 1000+ animated videos.


Sampark Foundation prioritizes constant innovation in pedagogy and technology, valuing teacher feedback for co-creating widely accepted educational solutions.


Leveraging real-time data from 10 Lakh Data Points, we effectively influence state government actions to achieve intended educational outcomes.