Changing Life With Education

"It had only been a month since we passed out from college but a small reunion made us feel like it had been ages. All four of us got placed at top notch MNCs and it felt like life was sorted.

My new job was going good until one day. On my way to work that day, I saw these two kids studying at the signal. They were sitting at the footpath barefoot reading from the torn pages of the book. But there was something about them. Their faces were gleaming.

Suddenly my office desk didn't look like the place where I belonged. All these thoughts just started coming to my mind. I am working here because I was born in a family where my parents could afford it. What about these kids who are born with the same desires and aspirations but are not able to accomplish anything because of their fate?

I felt like it was my responsibility to change this. I just had to.
This is what inspired me to become a spark. Now that feeling of bringing a change in someone’s life is what keeps me going."


- Akram, Spark

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