My first visit to government primary schools started from Bemetara district which is around 80 kms from state Raipur. Our school visits were unannounced to Nawagarh block of Bemetara District. So, my colleague, Devdutt and I got a chance to witness a school day in progress.
When we initially arrived at the school, the first thing that I noticed was the resources, I mean the uniforms and book bags each student was equipped with, provided by the state government regardless of the poverty. 
The bright and adorable students in the primary schools share an enthusiasm for learning and a competitive spirit when we arrived. One teacher is trained in Math and English and uses the TLM in the classroom every day.
Whenever a math problem would be presented to the class, the children would rush to answer the questions. In the event a student was wrong, they would just as quickly start working the problem again until they solve it together.
When our English Audio device started all the students started singing with Sampark Didi like “Hi children, how are you? Kaise hai aap?” .
During English lessons, most of the students wanted to show us their ability to pronounce, read and write in English. While singing rhymes they themselves were focusing on the correct pronunciations and meaning of each word. 
I asked teacher why are you keen for this programme? She says her students enjoy the play-way method and she able to can see the progress in children who have been using the TLM regularly. The enthusiasm of the class was amazing. 
When I finished my visit one student came to me and asked “Bhiayya aap koun ho kya aaj se aap hamare teacher ho”.
I left my first school visit thinking of improve learning outcomes that we are all working to expedite. These visits to schools showed me a side of life I could never have imagined.

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