Problems of the primary education system in India

Primary education in India has always been on the prime agenda of successive governments since independence, but the policies in place aren’t effectively implemented because the management and organisation isn’t up to the mark, there is also an inadequate allocation of resources. Inspection teams to check the proper working of schools are non-functional. The problem of absenteeism is high both among the students as well as the teachers. There are also various instances of discriminatory treatment of students who are economically and socially disadvantaged. Such a treatment often deters such students from continuing their education and also discourages others like them to join in. School dropout rates though decreasing each year are still a lurking threat upon the bright future of primary education in India. Also according to various available studies, children are performing far below the level that is expected of them. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2012 suggest that of all rural children enrolled in standard five, only half can fluently read text from a standard two textbook. So even if the rate of dropouts keeps decreasing there are risks of not gaining much from continuing in school and completing eight years of schooling. It was observed in 165th law commission report of the Law Commission on Free and Compulsory Education that even after so many years the major obstacle in ensuring education for all is the unwillingness of parents to send their children to schools. In households with abject poverty, the children are very early made responsible for a portion of family’s limited income, which they are highly hesitant to part with. There are numerous gaps in the system; lack of adequate infrastructure; a severe shortage of teachers, poor quality of institutional support for teachers’ professional development are to name a few and only when each of these are tackled, universal learning can be ensured and not just education!


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