Sounds in the School – Smiles on the Face

It has rained through the night and the ground is wet. As we enter the school we see children finishing their morning assembly and run into their classrooms. We are greeted by the teachers who ask us to give them five minutes to get the class ready. We walk into class 3 of Primary School Rewa in Arang Block, Raipur District. This school is about 25 kms from the city and has around 230+ children in class 1 to 5. 
Class three has 20 students and 19 are present today. The teacher tells us that she has been teaching them using the Maths and English Kit and hands over the class with confidence and says ‘aap ab koi bhi sawaal puchiye. Bacche kar paayenge’. The children are ready and I start asking them what stories they have learnt from Sampark Didi. The moment I ask the questions most of the students raise their hands and are ready to answer. I ask one student to come forward and start the story. She narrates the story of the lion and the rabbit in hindi and in-between the other classmates also chip in to add and complete the story. All of them want to speak and share the story. Now I bring in a twist and ask them to tell me the new English words they have learnt from this story and all 19 of them are able to answer this question. 
I am amazed to see the energy and the confidence that is there in the children and there is no reluctance to answer when asked. I ask them to write their name in English and in five minutes all of them have neatly written in their copy ‘my name is ………’. I go further and write my name in hindi on the board and ask them to read and spell it out. Based on the sound they are able to identify the letters and together spell out my name correctly. 
The teacher is silently standing in the corner with a smile on her face. The children are enthusiastic to exhibit their skills and it is evident that Sampark didi with the teacher didi and the children have had a great time together in learning English. I can see that the teacher is learning along with the children and taking them along. The sounds in the classroom reverberates in the background as we head out of the school with a picture of the smiles on the faces of the children.

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