Two things you need to teach your child right now!

Raunak’s mother was losing her mind when she learnt that he doesn't know how to read. He is in kindergarten and when his teachers were asked, they said "Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way."They assured Raunak’s mother telling her that not every child picks up reading at the same time. But apart from reading, there are two important things that parents and teachers need to teach kids right now. The two things are:

1. Learn through play- If you think you need a stick to make him sit for studies, then you are wrong. We often underestimate the value of play. Playing helps to build self worth and makes them feel good about themselves. Playing with clay encourages creativity and imagination, playing ball develops body movement, co-ordination skills, mixing with others. Building blocks and playing with shape sorters help develop logic. Don’t push your child hard. They develop in their own ways and in their own time. Innovation in education is what we need to focus on.

2. Fail with dignity- A lot of parents don’t want their kids to fail but want them to experience failure. The problem is the society we come from. It is obsessed with winning. This pressure is then passed onto the kids. Kids who cannot handle failure are more vulnerable to anxiety and that leads to bigger problems. Do you know that overly controlling parents is one of the major reasons for depression among children? Shielding them at all times can lead them to problems they cannot even find a way to recover from. Child education in India will improve if both the parents and the teachers teach the children to fail with dignity and accept failure with grace.

As far as reading is concerned, you can encourage them by reading to them or reading with them.


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